After EOD #4: The Special Lovecraftian Issue, came out in September 1991, I thought that it would be a good idea to do another Lovecraftian issue, maybe a few issues further down the line.

Then I had another idea: why not publish another magazine that specialized in the Cthulhu Mythos? It would have no regular publishing schedule so I could take my time and publish each issue whenever I had enough material to fill it.

The name I chose for this new magazine was Shoggoth.


Issue 1

June, 1992
Edited & Published by Chris A. Masters
A5, 80 pp., saddle-stapled, card cover.


2. Editorial, by Chris A. Masters
4. Dark Tidings, by Charles Spiteri (Column)
7. Shoggoth Reviews, by Chris A. Masters (Reviews)
8. The Shadow Out of Space and Time, by David Tansey (Novella)
46. On the Quest of the Unknown: A Visit With Frank & Lyda Belknap Long, by Leigh Blackmore (Article)
58. The Deal, by Denise Dumars (Short Story)
64. The Old One, by D.F. Lewis (Short Story)
65. Cthulhu on Mars, by Todd Mecklem (Poetry)
66. Blasphemous Tomes: A Guide to Lovecraftiana in the Small Press, by B.J. Stevens, Leigh Blackmore & C.A. Masters (Article/Reviews)
71. Shadow From the Past, by Tim Richards (Short Story)
75. Miscreant Missives (Letters)
78. Shoggoth File (Contributors' Bios)

Charles Spiteri: Front Cover; Pages 8, 10, 19, 20, 28, 29, 37, 38, 44 & 70.
B.J. Stevens: Interior Front Cover, Interior Back Cover & Page 63.
Kurt Stone: Ba ck Cover.
Rod Williams: Shoggoth Logo; Pages 1, 2, 11, 45, 77 & 79.


I began working on Shoggoth #1 around November 1991. David Tansey's novella "The Shadow Out of Space and Time" had very much impressed me when I read it in the EOD Newsletter. I really felt that stories such as this deserved a much wider readership, so I wrote to David and offered to reprint it as the feature story in Shoggoth #1. Charles Spiteri, a writer-artist friend of mine offered to do the illustrations.

Also appearing in Shoggoth #1 was Leigh Blackmore's account of his visit with Frank Belknap Long.

Rod Williams was also very helpful in supplying some great artwork and graphics, Steven Proposch printed the cover, and Shoggoth #1 came out in June 1992. The initial print run was 250 copies, all of which had sold out by the end of that year, so another 250 copies were printed in early 1993.




Issue 2
Edited & Published by Chris A. Masters
A5, 92 pp., saddle-stapled, card cover.


2. Editorial, by Chris A. Masters
4. Dark Tidings, by Charles Spiteri (Column)
6. Dagon's Forge, by Don Boyd (Short Story)
23. Ralph Vaughan: Visionary of the Dreamlands, by T. Winter-Damon (Article)
27. Ulthar, by T. Winter-Damon (Poetry)
28. The Guardian, by Ralph E. Vaughan (Short Story)
31. Ubbo-Satthla, by Leigh D. Blackmore (Poetry)
33. Alum Chine. by D.F. Lewis (Short Story)
38. Lovecradtean Horror Role-Playing, by Ben Frayle (Column)
47. Providence, March 15, 1937, by Leigh D. Blackmore (Poetry)
49. Cthulhu Reborn, by Chris A. Masters (Short Story)
62. Dagon Worship Today, by Keith Rex (Article)
65. Darkness Child, by Stephen Studach (Short Story)
72. Lovecraftian Sonnets, by Leigh D. Blackmore (Poetry)
77. The Sound of a Door Opening, by Don Webb (Short Story)
85. The R'lyeh Rap, by Grandmaster Sequeira and Deejay Beejay
88. Miscreant Missives (Letters)
92. Shoggoth File (Contributors' Bios)

Gavin O'Keefe: Page 78.
B.J. Stevens: Front Cover, Back Cover, Interior Back Cover, Logo on Page 1; Pages 61 & 84.
Kurt Stone: Interior Front Cover; Pages 38, 84 & 92.
Ralph E. Vaughan: Page 32.
Rod Williams: Shoggoth Logo on Cover; Pages 1, 2, 71, 83, 87 & 88


Shoggoth did not have a regular publishing schedule. In fact, I wasn't even sure if I would put out a second issue. I figured that I would play it by ear, see how the first issue went, then decide if there would be a second.

By the end of 1993, I had more than enough material to put out a second, and even a third, issue.

In October 1993, Steven Proposch and I rented office space in a cheap-rent office building called Commerce House that was located in one of the seedier sections of the Melbourne CBD area. (See Bloodsongs pages for more about Commerce House.) I began working on Shoggoth #2 and EOD #9 simultaneously and used the equipment in our Bloodsongs office to put both together.

Shoggoth #2 came out in mid 1994 and the initial print run was 250 copies, which quickly disappeared. By October, I was busy printing another 250 copies, which also slowly sold out over the next couple of years.

A third and final issue of Shoggoth was planned. I wanted it to be something special. It would have a new and larger A4 format and be offset printed with a glossy card cover.

Shoggoth #3 was completed and made ready for the printers (I still have the final print master in my filing cabinet!), but, unfortunately I never had the money to print it, and as time passed I put it away for good. It was a real pity that Shoggoth #3 never saw print as I had some great material and the new expanded layout looked great. I did photocopy one copy that holds a proud place in my collection ... it's a true one off!







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