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EOD Issue 5

December, 1991
Edited & Published by Chris A. Masters
A5, 120 pp., saddle-stapled, card cover.

When it came time to print EOD #5 I was no longer working in the job that allowed me to print the interior pages of the magazine. To print this issue I bought my own second-hand photocopier.

EOD #5 came out in December 1991, and at 120 pages was almost a double issue. The number of subscribers was steadily growing and, if I remember correctly, would have been between twenty-five and thirty by the end of 1991. With this issue, I also doubled the print run to 300 copies. Steven Proposch printed the cover at his work and another friend Andrew Barnes let me use his new computer to print the headings that I later pasted into the final print-copy of the magazine.

With five issues under my belt, I was more experienced and improving my editing skills more with each issue. EOD Magazine was actually starting to get noticed, and for the first time I was finding myself with far more submissions than I could print. I was also getting a lot of help from friends like Steven Proposch and Andrew Barnes, who were helping me with the printing, and Bryce Stevens and Rod Williams, who were kind enough to supply me with artwork on spec. Also, after EOD #4 had come out I had put together a Contributor's Guideline Sheet, and listed the guidelines with Scavengers Newsletter, as well as several local writers groups.

Overall, this issue featured some quality fiction and the second and final instalment of Leigh Blackmore's article, "Under the Pyramids: On Lovecraft and Houdini". This issue also saw the commencement of Tony Brook's "Lores of Darkness" series of stories which Tony self-published in book-form a couple of years later.

3. Editorial, by Chris A. Masters
4. Mason Finch and the Glasshouse Rose, by Duncan Evans (Short Story)
17. Night Walkers & The Solitary Watcher, by P.J. Roberts (Haiku)
19. Winter Becoming, by C.E. Hull (Poetry)
20. The Boar's Head, by Dorothy Michell (Short Story)
24. Video Nasties, by Chris A. Masters (Reviews)
31. Pollen, by B.J. Stevens (Short Story)
39. Despair, by Gavin O'Keefe (Comic Strip)
40. The Blood of an English Man, by David Tansey (Short Story)
45. Maggie's Place, by Steven Proposch (Short Story)
49. The Milkman Comes, by Bill Congreve (Short Story)
54. Under the Pyramids: On Lovecraft and Houdini: Part Two, by Leigh Blackmore (Article)
83. The Sphynx, by Leigh Blackmore (Poetry)
84. No-One at the Bridge, by P. Raymond Booth (Short Story)
89. This Black, by Steven Proposch (Poetry)
90. Werewolves, by Louise Steer (Short Story)
93. Dead Cat, by C.E. Hull (Poetry)
97. Lore of Darkness: Lore One: The Labyrinth of Laniatus! by T.J. Brook (Short Story)
100. Homicidal Fantasies, by Kirk J. McKenzie (Poetry)
101.  Twist of the Knife, by Sean Williams (Short Story)
111. Zines From Hell, by Chris A. Masters (Reviews)
114. Scribblings From Afar ... (Letters of Comment)
117. EOD File (Contributors' Bios)

Virgil Finlay: Page 3.
C.E. Hull: Page 18.
Gavin O'Keefe: Despair Artwork on Page 39.
B.J. Stevens: Front Cover & EOD Logo; Pages 23, 24, 30, 36, 38, 63, 88, 114 & 117.
Rod Williams: Pages 29, 48, 96 & 110.
Tonia Walden: Back Cover.



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