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EOD Issue 4

Special Lovecraftian Issue
September, 1991
Edited & Published by Chris A. Masters
A5, 80 pp., saddle-stapled, card cover.

EOD #4 was subtitled as a "Special Lovecraftian Issue". I decided that with this issue I would print only Cthulhu Mythos, or Lovecraft related, material. The big feature was part one of Leigh Blackmore's article titled " Under the Pyramids: On Lovecraft and Houdini", which was a very well researched piece documenting the stories that H.P. Lovecraft ghost-wrote for the great Harry Houdini. Also featured was Duncan Evans hilarious Lovecraft parody, " Westy Herbert -- Regurgitator".

The covers were printed by Steve Proposch at his work again. By this issue I had pretty much sorted out the interior layout. This was the fourth issue that had come out as scheduled. Print run was 150 copies and my subscriber list had just broken the twenty figure. I was really on a roll here.

3. Editorial, by Chris A. Masters
4. Cold Clay, by B.J. Stevens (Short Story)
13. Transvect! Said the Great Ghuyre, by P. Raymond Booth (Short Story)
17. Under the Pyramids: On Lovecraft and Houdini: Part One, by Leigh Blackmore (Article)
40. Westy Herbert -- Regurgitator, by Duncan Evans (Short Story)
45. Come To Me, by C.A. Masters (Short Story)
48. Videos, by C.A. Masters & Others (Reviews)
60. I Was a Teenage Lovecraft, by David Tansey (Article)
64. Assyria: A Darke Phantasie, by David Tansey (Short Story)
70. Zines From Hell, by Chris A. Masters (Reviews)
74. Scribblings From Afar ... (Letters of Comment)
78. EOD File (Contributors' Bios)

Virgil Finlay: Page 3.
B.J. Stevens: EOD Logo; Pages 48 & 78
Jon Tipper: Page 74
Tonia Walden: Interior Front Cover
Rod Williams: Front Cover; Pages 12, 15, 59, 63 & 73.



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