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Bloodsongs, Issue 10

1998 (Implosion Publishing)
Publisher Dave Bauer & Implosion Publishing
Editor in Chief Cynthia Ariel Conlin
Fiction Editors: Steve Proposch & David G. Barnett

Issue 10, was the last issue of Bloodsongs ever to be published.

1994, especially the times we had in our Commerce House office, is a time that I will always remember fondly.

Bloodsongs may be no more but it was once a great magazine and I am proud that I was a part of it.







I do not have a copy of this issue. The graphic of the cover was found online. I believe the publishing information is correct. David G. Barnett from Necro Publications was meant to take over from Steve Proposch as fiction editor. I am not sure what the situation re fiction editing was with this issue so I have credited both Steve and David.

If you are reading this and have more information please email me at the Contact link above.

I am also after cover scans of Issues 9 and 10. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


I recently received an email from Cynthia Conlin, where she wrote:

I myself was sad to see Bloodsongs go, but, we unfortunately couldn't sustain publishing the mags (No. 10 was the last issue).  The business was unfortunately hit by several negative external economic factors that caused us to stop publishing, and Dave Bauer and I ended up parting ways.  I enjoyed the mag but it unfortunately suffered an unfortunate fate.




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